The importance of corporate and professional head shots for business professionalsApril 1, 2014

People-014The majority of businesses today spend time and effort on building their company’s’ brand, their services and their products. However the market is constantly shifting and consumers want to engage with people rather than companies. We are living in a social media age, where everything we do is online. Putting a face or faces to your business is more important than ever, especially for your clients and customers.

Business professional should never underestimate the power of the perfect headshot. A professional headshot plays a pivotal role in publically representing yourself. It sets the tone for who you are and what you are all about. Headshots can be used to market yourself and staff on social media profiles such as LinkedIn but also used on your company website, alongside news articles or even on your company portfolio documents. Using family photographs, cropped images or even self-portraits could mean potentially losing a prospective client.

Freshtake Creative is passionate about visually displaying the expression, personality and mood of our subjects. It is important for us that the people we shoot are comfortable and relaxed.  We recommend that your headshots be taken in an environment that you are comfortable in such as your office or in your company boardroom, provided clean and simple backgrounds are available. Headshots do not have to be stiff either, we encourage showing off your personality with a smile for example. Having a professional photoshoot done for yourself and your management team could be one the greatest investments you will make.

It is no longer enough to rely on a simple logo as the face of your company, the face of any business are the people who have relationships with their clients. It is important to use a professional photographer to capture your head shots to ensure you create a great first impression.

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